The KC Immobilien Verwaltung are experienced for years in the real estate business, especially in property management. Because of our education in real estate management and longtime professional experiences in some property management companies in Berlin with best reputations, we do have a consolidated knowledge.

At this time we manage a total of 420 accomodation and business units and several ownership communities. Our property management is by order of professionel investors, private houseowners and ownership communities and working with a special software of the GFAD Systemhaus AG.

Among the conventional property management (a model contract is enclosed) we attach importance to the closeness to the several structures of tenants, to garantee constant high gains.

For the conservation and enhancement of value we make circular journals. They are presented to the owners as a discussion paper for future investments. In order that we catch damages early, which could cause an medium term obsolescence. And by solicit several quotations we enable the owners to make effective investments.

It is very important for us to offer the owners a cost management. We inspect for example solicited quatations to minimize the expenditures for he owners.

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